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A better way to
create your class groups
- your way

Class Solver helps schools create their best class groups in a fraction of the time


Save time, be truly confident

Save countless hours organizing class groupings.

Reinvest time back into teaching and development

Be truly confident that you have done everything possible to meet the individual needs of your students and teachers.

Improve academic & well-being outcomes

Educational Psychology

Friendships in Middle School: Influences on Motivation and School Adjustment

Educational Management

The Impact of Group Selection on Student Performance and Satisfaction

Community Psychology Practice

Academic Performance in Middle School: Friendship Influences

Features that really matter

Easily Customized

Use information that matters to your school to balance classes

Superior Results

Tested on thousands of classes so you don’t miss a thing

Decision Support

Unsure which students to move? Use our one click fix!

Pair or Separate

Enter unlimited requests to pair or separate students

Drag and Drop

Simple navigation to quickly create the classes you want

Safe & Secure

Industry best practice protocols ensure your data is protected

Warning Flags

Intelligent flags identify issues that may need correcting

Help and Support

Easy to follow video tutorials and support if you need it

A small yet meaningful beginning

Class Solver was founded in 2013 by Amy White after her daughter was placed in a classroom with no social support. Since then Class Solver has worked with hundreds of educators to design, test and refine the most advanced system for creating class lists.

Class Solver’s purpose is to save teachers and educators time, but ultimately help ensure that children are placed in the best class for their needs.

It doesn’t replace the expertise of administrators and teachers. It is a tool to help support them to make the best decisions possible.


We have reduced our price by 50% during this difficult time.

Save 50%! Now $1.55 per student
  • Sign up before 31st July 2020
  • Use until 31st December 2020
  • Unlimited priority email support
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Contact us for large school, district or multi campus discounts

Frequently asked questions

The cost is a single fee based on the number of students enrolled at your school and varies for each country.  Payment is annual and there are no additional charges. Some schools even use the program to create school camp cabins or even graduation tables – all of which is included in your subscription.

You can use the program up until 31st December, the year it was used for class placement.

Your fee helps Class Solver to:

  • Continue to build enhancements and new features that genuinely help schools’ ever-evolving needs.
  • Ensure that no expense is spared when it comes to the security of your school’s data and ensuring we remain compliant with the privacy regulations in your region.
  • Ensure all of our staff are highly qualified and our engineering team remain the best in their field, using the most up-to-date technology available.
  • Enable us to continue to provide Class Solver free of charge to selected special needs schools as a small way of giving back.

As much as you need. It’s unlimited.

Class Solver enables you to enter an unlimited number of:

  • Requests to pair/separate students and pair/separate students with teachers.
  • Characteristics to balance your classes (e.g. behaviour, mathematics, special needs, football team!)

Yes, Class Solver is extremely flexible.

We find that every school takes a slightly different approach to creating their class lists.   The program easily adapts to the way your school already manages the class placement process.

Yes, you can import and export files from Class Solver to your Student Information System.

We take privacy and data security very seriously and will never make any compromises in this regard, for example:

  • we only collect information relevant to the process of class placement and will never sell or use your student data for any other purpose.
  • we maintain industry best-practice security protocols in areas such as data encryption and password policies.
  • we store your data on a premium cloud service provider (i.e. Microsoft Azure) and will destroy your data immediately at your request.
  • all Class Solver personnel have completed externally certified privacy training before accessing your data.

For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Teachers and Administrators have a different level of access.  Teachers have the opportunity to enter information about their students only and do not have access to the program – unless you add them as an Administrator.

There is also an “Admin Only” mode designed for highly confidential requests.

Yes, we are more than happy for you to try the program for one or two grades before you commit.  Just email us at and we will provide you with instructions to trial the program free of charge.

However, if you just want to get started, Class Solver offers a Money Back Guarantee so you can rest assured that if you aren’t satisfied, we will return your money.  But we are confident you will love it.

Yes, the information is retained the following year.  For example, if there was a request to pair two students you can review the notes the following year and see whether the request is still applicable.

Class Solver is very easy to use.  Most schools watch the short instruction videos and don’t need any training or assistance.  If you do, we are here to help with free unlimited email support. We also offer a free web-based implementation session to get you started.

Simply click on Contact Us at the top of our website.

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